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Welcome to Parkside Playgroup


(2 - 5 year old)

A Little About Us

Welcome to Parkside Playgroup. We are passionate about providing children with a caring, safe, and happy introduction to learning and school life. Being directly involved in all the day-to-day activities means we can ensure that each child will love their time at our fulfilled learning playgroup.

Our Classes

We are open from 8:45AM to 3:45PM

Summer Science Activities

Science is everywhere. Children can easily understand the nature of science with simple practices.

Basic Sports

We maintain the healthy study environment combined with sports activities. This helps the children in many ways.

Tumbling Activities

Let’s walk with the toddlers. We love bringing the smile while they enjoy learning

Music Activities

Singing is part of life. Identifying the sounds make them reproduce well.

Storytelling Groups

Stories are something helps the children in developing their imaginations. Story times are very popular in our activities.

Art Lessons

Hidden talents needs to be shown to the world. Unless they experiment, they will not realise the artist they are in!

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